Strapi Support: Most frequently asked questions on the website

1. “When will Strapi Cloud be available?”

  • Solution partners (see the full list here) can perform Managed Services to handle the deployment, hosting, scaling, and maintenance of your Strapi. You can choose to either go with the hosting options they offer or directly have them handle deployment configuration & maintenance over your own infrastructure.
  • Technology partners (, artifakt…) that build, operate, and scale complex infrastructures with a fully managed cloud hosting service.

2. “I don’t understand a “free, forever” open source version with paid features?

3. “What are the default roles?”

4. Your pricing mentions: “per admin user/month”. “What do you consider to be an “admin user’?

5. “Is Strapi a good fit for large-scale apps like web stores with 500,000 products?”

6. “Can I have multiple websites on Strapi”?

  • a single-project approach: which is perfectly supported. It allows building multiple apps & websites relying on the same database, configuration, policies, plugins…
  • a multi-project approach: which is not well supported. It changes the architecture of the application to allow multiple projects in a single Strapi application. Each project is fully independent, you can use different databases, policies, plugins… and maintaining such an advanced configuration and all the synchronization is very challenging.

7. “Is it possible to pay monthly for a Strapi Enterprise license?”

8. “When I buy a license, do I have to pay for each environment?”

  1. Serve different model configurations with the same license
  2. Multiple projects serving different websites:

9. “How do I upgrade my existing Strapi project to the Enterprise Edition?”

  • Via an environment variable STRAPI_LICENSE
  • Via a license.txt file located in the root folder of your Strapi project

10. “What is different between Strapi and other headless CMS services?”

  • The stickiness to your technical stack
  • The documentation’s quality
  • The community’s footprint and the number of active contributors
  • The company’s history and any dependency on a legacy stack
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