Announcing Strapi v4.2 with logo customization, providers on the marketplace, media library folders beta and more

Introducing Strapi v4.2

Logo customization

Providers on the Strapi Market

End of Node.js 12 support

Try Strapi v4.2 out now

Media Library folders beta

  • Easily find the right asset
  • Create a custom file organization
  • Manage files at ease

TypeScript support beta

  • Optional Static Typing: you decide what you want to type to add safety to your application.
  • Type inference: infer variables and return values types
  • Access to TS features: modules, decorators, and much more.
  • Ability to compile TypeScript code to any version of JavaScript
  • Great Intellisense support, which makes discovering libraries quicker and understanding APIs easier.
  • Write your Strapi application code in Typescript and make use of all benefits from TS we just mentioned.
  • Get access to typed APIs: this will add a layer of security by preventing type issues. This will be improved on a regular basis in the next releases, so every contributors are welcomed to help provide more accurate types. (Do you know how to contribute? Check here)
  • Define dynamic typings based on your application code: you now have the ability to declare types for the user content-types which will then be used by all the other typings.

Other updates you might have missed:

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